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All About MLM Plans

Nadcab MLM Software offers a complete and customized MLM software that are developed to satisfy variegated needs of multi-level marketing. There are various direct selling business software developed by our team of expert software developers who have many years of experience. Our reliable, secure, and user friendly network marketing software offers easy tracking of members associated with the business plans, various kinds of reports related to sales volume, revenue, presentation in hierarchical structure of all members, compensation and bonuses, etc.

This type of business is based on the relationship of people with each other in the network marketing business. It plays an important role in providing customized MLM software solutions and IT services to companies who wish to start their own network marketing business or running a well-settled company and looking for options to boost their business' growth and development.

Binary MLM Software Plan

Binary Plan MLM Software

Binary plan is the popular MLM plan among network marketing companies and individuals. It is also referred as 2*n plan where 'n' shows infinity. It is easy to understand, use and highly profitable for plan owners as well as users. New members are placed on the right & left legs and the genealogical tree grows. The Software keeps track of members and calculate bonus amount of all members.

Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software

It is based on the formula of m*n where m represents width and n is the depth level. This is one of the most trendy direct selling business plan in the direct selling business. MLM software when implemented with Forced Matrix plan helps in organizing and understanding the details of each & every members. It offers amazing bonus to the members on successfully achieving the set target level.

Binary MLM Software Plan

Unilevel Plan Software Plan

Unilevel Plan MLM Software

This network marketing plan supports members for sponsoring till nth level of the business model. Here, sponsor can add unlimited number of members to the downline and enjoy earning unlimited bonus. It helps members to earn high income with one's network connectivity and finally the width increases. As it is easy and attractive plans, distributors have amazing chance of earning profits.

Board Plan MLM Software

Here the group of members in a board works together and achieves the set target within the set time. Once the board is filled with the pre-decided number of members, it splits into two sub-boards. The oldest members at the top get promoted to the next higher level in another board. This motivates members to earn more and enhance their business.

Board Plan Software Plan

Helping Plan Software Plan

Helping Plan MLM Software

Also known as Donation or Help plan, this is one of the most popular plan in MLM business that is based on giving and receiving help from each other in the plan. When gift plan MLM software is used, it helps in managing records of 'provide help' and 'accept help'. Thus, by giving a single gift to a network marketers, you becomes eligible for receiving multiple gifts.

Repurchase Plan MLM Software

Network marketing companies works in different MLM plans in international as well as domestic direct selling industry. This plan is one of the most preferred plans for network marketing companies that focuses on the selling of products and services to the target customers, thus, also known as 'words of mouth' marketing business. It spreads businesses at a faster rate and helps in fast promotion of products with no efforts.

Repurchase Plan Software Plan

Stair Step Plan Software Plan

Stair Step Plan MLM Software

This plan is simple & easy for the distributors who are new to the MLM industry. Here, every step has certain pre-decided percentage amount that members will get on receiving the set target sales volumes. One completion of the cut-off value, the members are promoted to the higher level. This particular plans has huge scope of earning incentives for distributors on achieving the set target volume.

Monoline Plan MLM Software

It is based on the first come first serve concept. Those who are looking for excellent business growth, monoline MLM plan would be an ideal choice. In this plan, there is no limit for adding members. Members are added one after another as the downline and thus, the depth of the plan increases. The attractive bonus and rewards encourages members to work efficiently.

Monoline Plan Software Plan

Investment Plan Software Plan

Investment Plan MLM Software

This is yet another very popular plan that help members to generate indirect income. Here, one has to invest first and earn more in the form of royalty. Multilevel marketing companies offers a fixed daily percentage amount to members in the downline based on their investment. On getting small amount in short interval, members remain motivated and work with full efforts to earn huge profit.

X-Up Plan MLM Software

This plan offers huge benefit to members. Here, once the downline member reach the target sales, upline members becomes eligible to get benefits. In this, downline members passes their sales to its sponsor member and help him/her to achieve their target volume within the pre-defined time. X-Up MLM Plan Software maintains the proper record of every details of each members.

X-Up Plan Software Plan